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I'm actually working on this new challenge :D I want to try with a Pole Dance anim! 
Looks not so easy but I'm really having fun with this!

Here's a little preview of the first pass of blocking!

(Rig: Mery Project www.meryproject.com)
My last Animation Test done with the Mery Project Rig www.meryproject.com on the song "Let it Go" from Frozen! :) 

I think I will continue this shot with an other piece of the song... ;)



Our TV Series has been selected to the Pitch Me - Cartoons on the Bay 2014!

In the wonderful Venice we have had the opportunity to show our ideas and  discuss it with the various producers at the festival. 

Have been distribute brochures and pins of the series (the pins are snapped up ^ ^) and for the occasion I created the Pulcinella Puppet , tribute to the mascot of the festival!

The jury: Bruno Bozzetto and Gulliermo Mordillo (the third juror should have been Guido Manuli, who was absent for personal reasons) and they received the Pulcinella Puppet !


La nostra Serie Tv è stata selezionata all'edizione del Pitch Me - Cartoons on the Bay 2014!

Nella meravigliosa Venezia abbiamo potuto così presentare la nostra idea e discuterne con i vari produttori presenti al festival.

Sono state distribute brochures e spillette della serie (le spillette sono andate a ruba ^^) e per l'occasione sono nati anche i Pulcinella Puppet, in onore della mascotte del festival! 

Tra i giurati: Bruno Bozzetto e Gulliermo Mordillo (il terzo giurato sarebbe dovuto essere Guido Manuli, assente per motivi personali) e  a loro sono stati regalati i nostri Pulcinella Puppet! 

Introducing the series
Presentando la serie

 The Jury receive the Pulcinella Puppets
La giuria riceve i Pulcinella Puppets

Pulcinella Puppet


Gianfri's adventures

An interactive 3D web series by Emanuele Leoncilli 

"Hi everyone! Here's my series called "Gianfri's adventures"! I wanted to add a touch of interactivity in it.
To see this first episode you can't just sit and press play on the video. 
You will have to help Gianfri to solve a little puzzle! I'm sure that you will be "smart" enough to solve it easily. 
REMEMBER: If you like it, share it! :) 

Follow Gianfri for help me to create new episodes!" 

Facebook Page

Gianfri's Adventures EPISODE 01


I uploaded a reel with all my animations for Winx Club - Season 5! 
You can see it at this vimeo link: